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   In 1961, Industrial Tools Incorporated (ITI) was founded with the initial focus on developing precision slicing equipment for specialized applications. After gaining solid experience in building equipment, ITI added the design and fabrication of consumable products for the equipment in order to meet demanding technical challenges by its customers. By 1972, ITI’s expertise led them to be the first to develop the technology to fabricate ultra-thin solid tungsten carbide saws with tolerances held to 40 millionths of an inch (1.0 micron). Three years later, ITI would be the first to develop precision gang saw equipment with accuracies to 0.0001 inch (2.5 micron). These events would set the stage for ITI’s future market position.

   It was in 1977 that ITI established its own in-house diamond blade development and production capability as a part of providing complete process solutions. As the technology sector advanced, so did ITI. In 1983, ITI became the first company to develop gang saw machines with accuracies to 0.000040 inches (1.0 micron) for use in slicing thin-film wafers for disk drive heads. By the mid 1980’s, ITI had also developed precision carbide slitter knives with 1 micron accuracies for converting magnetic media.

   As ITI entered the 1990’s, the company’s growing application knowledgebase led to the development of the first ultra-high precision gang saw machine, holding tolerances to 0.5 micron. In order to continue meeting the demands of customers around the world, ITI also developed the Precision Pitch Spacer System (PPSS) which allowed consistent and reliable gang stacking to very high tolerances. By 2000, further advances in technology companies led to the introduction of the ITI-2000 Singulating System, designed specifically for singulating (dicing) advanced semiconductor packages. ITI has since discontinued the production of equipment and is focused primarily on becoming a world leading manufacturer in superabrasives.

   In the past ten years, ITI has developed dicing blades, fine grinding plates, and tools for stone and concrete. Below is a highlight of some the developments in the past 10 years: Diamond Blades for Dicing: •CSP Package Singulation metal bond blade with a lifetime of >5000 meters •Conductive resin bond formulation •Developed QFN blade capable of wear ratios of 0.001~0.003mm/meter •Improved manufacturing process to fabricate thin blades to <.100 thousandths