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Dicing Blades

Dicing Blades and Wheels
Dicing Blades and Wheels
ITI's precision dicing blades are manufactured for mounting to hubs and arbors on special saw machines for precision singulating, slicing, dicing and slotting semiconductor components, hard disk drive heads, precision glass components, etc. These dicing blades can be as thin as 0.003” (75 microns), and the dicing blades range in size from 0.5” to 8” O.D. (12mm to 200mm).
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Dicing Blades - Metal & Resin Bond

Extensive experience manufacturing dicing blades for a broad range of precision applications

  • BGA, QFN, CSP, and other chip carrier packages
  • High Powered LED
  • Glass for optics and photonics
  • Discrete electronic components, such as MLCC (Multi-layer ceramic capacitors)
  • Thin-film disk drive heads
  • Ceramic
  • Steels, Ferrite, and PZT
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ITI Dicing Blades Package

ITI Capabilities

  • In-house test cutting and process development lab
  • Effective technical customer support
  • Custom engineered innovative designs for dicing blades
  • Over 30 years experience producing dicing blades in-house
  • Millions of high precision dicing blades produced


  • Standard and custom formulations for dicing blades
  • Resin and metal bonded (sintered) dicing blades
  • Hybrid dicing blade life increases up to 400% over standard metal bond dicing blades
  • Longer life and low cost increases customer UPH and improves overall cost per cut
  • Diamond or CBN abrasive
  • Precision tolerances available
Available dicing blade sizes range from .5 inches to 8 inches OD (12mm to 200mm). Bonded dicing blades as thin as 0.003 inches (75 microns).

Available tolerances as tight as 1 micron on thickness, 2 microns on parallelism.

Engineered Solutions

ITI has standard dicing blades available for many applications and all brands of sawing and dicing machines. In addition, ITI can custom formulate dicing blades for your specific application to maximize throughput and cut quality. Dicing blade life can be enhanced by as much as four times that of other leading dicing blade manufacturers.

ITI dicing blades are fabricated with the highest quality diamond, CBN and bond constituents available. Critical properties such as friability, size, shape, concentration, and bond strength are all carefully considered during the design to ensure optimized performance.

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